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A Few Things I've Recently Purchased

1. I finally caved and made my first purchase from Outdoor Voices. They've been spamming my feeds via style bloggers and sponsored posts for months. So congrats to their marketing team, all of your targeted ads have paid off. To be fair, it was a pretty good deal--$100 for a crop-top, compression pants and a put stuff in, I assume? Actually, I'm not sure what the point of the pouch is, to be honest.  - Outdoor Voices Warm Up Kit in Charcoal and Navy
2. My friend Nora found this budget option for a round mirror when we were looking for things to redecorate my room. It was only $49! #targetdoesitagain - Target Round Mirror in Brass.

3. I don't know if I've ever actually bought something directly from a Cup of Jo post, but her recent newsletter featured these Dipped hoops from J Crew and I just had to have them. 30% off $19--only $14.95 plus free shipping! Score!

4. I've been looking for a floor lamp for months. For some reason I just couldn't pull t…

Lola Kirke | EP

Right now I am listening to Lola Kirke's eponymous EP, which was recently released. The first song, Baby Butt, is super catchy--I seriously can't stop humming it. Her whole vibe reminds me of Jenny Lewis meets Neko Case, though it's sweeter and bit more demure. Her voice is breathy and the lyrics are heartfelt--in short, it's totally cute; I love it. This is perfect summertime driving music (even though it's the coldest February I can remember and I am currently under five blankets suffering a weeklong cold). There's definitely a 1970s-California/Southwest thing going on here, too. Her voice is rich, but delicate; haunting, with a folky stylization. I remember reading an article where she quoted someone saying, "I feel like I have at least 5 folk songs in me," which resonated with her deeply. Of course, now I can't get that out of my head. I wonder what 5 folk songs are lingering within me? 
Here's a little video for Tomorrow Morning, which i…

Scattered Thoughts

I began writing this post nearly a year ago. My poor, poor abandoned blog. It's been a whole year and, really, not much has changed. I can't decide if that's comforting or unsettling. Cunsettling? In any case, I'm just gonna go ahead and post this so it's out there in the open. Maybe then I will confront these long-lingering desires and issues.


There are always so many things I'd like to do or be.

I'd like to be proficient at the piano.
I'd like to learn French.
I'd like to watch less television.
I'd like to read more books.

How do I allot myself enough time every day to do all of these things? Are we as humans always striving toward betterment? Toward self-improvement? Is it an endless cycle? One which we will never attain?

It is unquestionable that I am a good person. A person who by all accounts, does more than one should. I exercise near daily. I clean up after myself. I present myself well and professionally at work. I have many fri…