Old Horoscope, Still Applies

I just stumbled across this old horoscope (from a couple of weeks ago). The general themes still apply (of course).

Pour yourself another cold brew, Capricorn. Done and done. Probably over-caffeinating myself at this point. This week could find you in a sleepy groove, but not without reason. Tuesday’s full moon in your 12th house of completions is sounding the call for a cleanup mission. Is your space a disgrace? Probably not since you tend to be organized. Well actually, it is a disgrace. And yes I am organized, but my room has clothes all over the place. I've been so busy and doing way too many things, as usual. Also: I have too much stuff! But, you probably feel overloaded: too much stuff, OMG I literally just said that! too many commitments and responsibilities you’re only halfway passionate about. Talk about reading my mind... Hew the excess from your calendar and you’ll feel instantly refreshed. Instead of refilling the white space that creates, leave some open time blocks to putter about, make art and music, lounge by the pool and float from picnic to party. How does one actually relax and let it be? It’s unofficially SUMMER, after all. And, believe it or not, having more chill time can actually ramp up your productivity when you are at your desk. Oh you mean instead of having anvils on my eyelids while I'm typing this at work? On Friday, amorous Venus turns up the volume on your sexytime. Oh rly? Until October 8, the planet of amour will park in Leo and your erotic eighth house, giving you a seriously scorching summer love forecast. One relationship in particular could heat up — do we hear bells? Well we are approaching our 5 year anniversary... You’re playing for keeps now, Capricorn, so if you’re in a half-baked “commitment” you could lose your damn mind. Request that exclusivity clause and be prepared to walk if you don’t get your dealbreaking needs met. LOL


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