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Year (+) in review

I was sifting through some old google docs and I came across a few goals I wrote down for the year of 2014. Now that it's come and gone, I feel like I'm able to see it with fresh eyes. The goals are pretty general, but here they are with sub-bullet point commentary.
Focus on positivity and happiness/Seek joy and find peaceAfter the dark, miserable year that was 2013, 2014 could only be better by comparison, and boy was it ever! I felt so much more at peace and much more comfortable with my beliefs, my decisions, my lifestyle and my existential wanderings/wonderings. In 2013 I was a scared and broken little person with a thousand questions and worries about the purpose of the universe and myself within it. In 2014 I committed to living out the words in the Desiderata poem, and I firmly believe it has changed my life forever.Read books on other religions/spiritual writingsI didn't do this.Practice yoga without fail 3-4 times a weekI didn't really accomplish this at all i…

Tokyo Dreaming

Miraikan National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. teamLab's installation: Floating Flower Garden: Flowers and I are of the same root, the Garden and I are one.
2,300 floating flowers in an interactive space.
via Pace Gallery Blog.