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Wanna know something?

The Beach Boys just make me smile. That's all for now.

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Micro Hangovers

Hello, semi-faithful blog readers. I was posting pretty consistently for a while there, then I just fell off the grid. Where did I go? Honestly, I don't know. But I'm back and feeling like I'm gonna be spending a little more quality time here again. I've got that writing and reflecting bug. I hear it's going around...

I like hangovers. I know, I know, I probably think I'm insane, but let me explain. I don't like those gnarly hangovers (the pukey, headachey, wobbly, I-think-I'm-still-drunk kind of hangovers), but I like the mellow ones. The ones where you feel just icky enough to not want to drink again for a while. I like these baby hangovers because they serve as a reminder and act as an incentive to re-evaluate some of my not-so-great habits. For instance, feeling slight shitty today made me think about my general health. It's sufficient, but I could be taking WAY better care of myself. Then I was like, okay, I haven't been to the …

Friday musing...

Do you ever look at your inbox and think that Japanese people's inboxes must look so insane with all those characters?