The other night

It was one of those nights I'll remember fondly for quite some time. After a very long day at work I took a much needed shower; mostly an attempt to escape the boiling heat that had taken over California. After that luxurious, cool shower, I chilled out with a cold beer, slathered on lotion and popped on a tank top and shorts and headed to counseling. It was a great session. We talked about the fear and embarrassment associated with discussions about money--namely that of negotiating salary. We have a plan of attack that I'm really excited about. We'll see how it all turns out (more on that later perhaps?). When I got home I cooked some spinach tortellini in a brown butter sauce. Delightful. Katie came home and shared the meal with me. We sat in our living room with the wide glass doors open, fan spinning around on high, as we sweat in the 80 degree weather at 9 pm. Instead of watching TV or a movie, like we usually do, we talked about this and that, our days, our memories, our first kisses, some dreams we had that week. Our friend Joel had sent me this really cool nature sounds website called Noisli and we listened to a "gentle thunderstorm" while we drank beer and wine with large ice cubes out on our patio. I love these kinds of nights with Katie. We're on the same page. Feeling the pleasure of each other's company. There's no effort involved. Conversation ebbs and flows. The moment is sweet and juicy, like a bite into a ripened peach. There's nowhere else we need to be. The present is wholly sufficient.


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