The Link Queen's Thursday Things

This gorgeous, slouchy trench.

Should I just buy the damn thing already?

This cute high school girl isn't getting great grades and didn't get into her colleges of choice...but she started her own company, and it's adorable (and successful).

In love with Lianne La Havas right now (thanks, Shane). This song is especially fun. I also really like when she sings with just her guitar.

Pretty floral dress for a springtime wedding. Another great option here. ASOS is offering 20% off their label for a limited time only.

Per usual, Wit and Delight's wish list is spot on.

"As per vs. per usual" ^ via the Grammarist.

And now that you've just clicked on all of these links, here's a link to an article that suggests that link hopping and surfing the internet can be harmful to your brain.

Fantastic exhibition on view at Richard Heller Gallery featuring work by collaborating artists Neil Farber and Michael Dumontier. Love this image.

Completed French food vocabulary today. J'aime le vin rouge et le bière. Now I can be a snobby drunk.

Speaking of food, I was supposed to go to this exclusive restaurant tonight. Anybody up for some crispy pig head, short-grain rice, bulldog sauce, and soy egg?

Week-old news, but you should probably change your passwords if you haven't already. It takes a few minutes and it's probably about time you did it anyway.

Adorable! Cecily Strong and Mike O'Brien are a couple.

Realizing I'm curvy and could probably benefit from buying curvy clothing. This jumpsuit is great.

Quote for the day:

“Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight.”
― Benjamin Franklin

Image via Ovadia & Sons


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  2. What a great reminder from Ben Franklin!


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