Merry Vernal Equinox!

Ahhh, the first day of spring. I love it. This morning I woke up at 7:30, bleary-eyed, but determined to keep up this early morning thing. After wandering around my apartment for a few minutes, I opened up the paneled blinds that look out onto our patio. It was a gorgeous day! I decided in a split-second that I was going to run to the ocean and get myself an iced coffee and a green juice. I started running, but my lady-body hurt so badly I simply couldn't continue. I felt a little angry at my boobs for a while, but took a deep breath and decided to change my perspective. It was still a beautiful, bright morning and I was already outside. I had brought my Kindle with me so I read Game of Thrones as I walked all the way to the beach. When I got there I loved how busy it was in the morning down on Ocean Ave. People were already well into their days, and there was an exciting energy all around. Spring fever?

Actually, it wasn't until I got to work that I realized it was the first day of spring. I wonder if I felt in tune to nature somehow? I mean I really felt called to be outside this morning! I spent my break at work on this tiny patch of grass in the middle of our parking lot. It's called a "People Park": no dogs allowed. 

A cool breeze swirled around me, flirting with my long skirt and blew gently through my hair.

Here's how the wind really made me look.

Happy first day of spring everyone! May this season bring you newness and clarity.


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