Questions to better your relationships

The headline of a recent Huffington Post article reads "The Questions That Will Save Your Relationships", which is fine, but I don't think they will save them, they will just make them better. Oh sensationalist journalistic headlining; I'll let it slide...this time.

That being said, the article is worth reading, even if you just read the bolded questions. The writer offers some great jumping off points for reframing the generic"How was your day?"question into more specific, loaded and attentive questions for your significant other, family and friends. I like, it I like it, I like it.

I'm already thinking about how I'll integrate this into my life.

For Shane:
What exciting thing happened at the studio today?
What have you done to clean up your room?

For Amanda:
How did Forrest make you feel loved today?
What moves have you made to get that business started?

For my mom:
What's something exciting that's happening in choir?
Did Dad do anything to make you feel special this week?

For my dad:
What was your favorite part about Raleigh?
What are you most looking forward to in Santa Barbara?

See? Already, this is so much better than "how are you?" "how was your day?"

You can read the article on the Huffington Post here.


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